Residential Pole Barn Buildings

You’ll Be Amazed at How Pole Barns Can Be Used!

Residential pole barns are pretty common in South Carolina. Pole barns can be built quicker than other buildings and make the perfect addition to your home. At A Quality Pole Barns, we have a team of residential pole barn building contractors that can build a pole barn that meets your specific needs. Feel free to check out some of the residential pole barn buildings that we have built.


A Quality Pole Building - red barn with white roof | Gilbert, SC

Residential Pole Barns

Pole barn homes are becoming more and more popular. They’re more economical than traditional stick-built homes and can be constructed much more quickly. And if you’re satisfied with your home, think of all you could do with some extra space on your property. We build everything from garages, workshops, and hobby shops to game rooms, barndominiums and pool houses. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Residential Agricultural Pole Barns

If you are looking to build an agricultural pole barn on your residential property, A Quality Pole Buildings is here to bring your vision to life. Our experienced team of contractors can build a barn that meets and exceeds your expectations. We offer barns, hay sheds, and tractor shelters for any type of residential agricultural use. We also offer horse stalls with various features.

Residential Metal Roofing

Need a new roof for your home? You may want to consider a metal roof. Metal roofs are fire-resistant, weigh less than other roofs, and are long-lasting. There are also several colors and styles to choose from when it comes to residential metal roofing. A Quality Pole Buildings can help you select the right option for your home and install a metal roof that meets your approval.


If you need a residential pole building, A Quality Pole Buildings has you covered. Contact us today to discuss your needs and options. We offer free estimates! Get a one-of-a-kind residential pole barn built on your property today.

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